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5 Ways To Amplify Your B2B Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a force to be reckoned with. This relatively simple concept involves the automation of machines to complete tasks quickly and intelligently.

AI aids companies in their growth by greatly increasing productivity and complementing an existing workforce. While AI devices are designed to follow tasks they were built to accomplish – their other applications, like machine learning, are definitely intriguing.

Personalization through machine learning simply means that machines learn with exposure to new information. The more information they are fed, the faster they learn. While machine learning is not the only subcategory of AI, it is causing ripples in the technology sector and is already considered the face of the future.

The ability to enable machines to learn on the go is what puts machine learning in a different stratum compared to the innovations currently rocking the tech world.  Tesla’s self-driving car, Apple’s Siri, Amazon purchase recommendations, and AI Website Builders are just a few examples at the tip of the so-called iceberg.

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How AI Influences Marketing

80% of all marketing executives believe that AI will revolutionize the way we approach marketing by 2020, though only 10% of marketers are using AI today.

With machines that can learn, you can process data such as scanning millions of images in a just a few hours – a feat no human can accomplish. As such, the technology has been adopted by companies worldwide in a bid to help improve their sales and marketing strategies.

Furthermore, AI can also conduct timely analyses, take the place of customer service representatives, and optimize marketing campaigns.

Another great application of AI is for giving more accurate suggestions based on data gathered, a task that would take a marketing professional days, if not weeks, to finish. The use of machines means you can eliminate human error from your marketing plan and heighten customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Here’s an in-depth look at some of the ways you can use AI and machine learning in your marketing strategies to increase profits.

1. Amplify Your Campaigns

Data collection and analyses are required to understand how a campaign has performed. In most instances, even after a win, it is hard to understand what made the campaign succeed.

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With AI, knowing all these things is a given. Plus, you can also eliminate dead-end ads, optimize ad targeting, and come up with efficient pricing. AI’s ability to learn and adapt as opposed to blindly following a set of rules is what will guarantee success in smart marketing.

How can you apply this?

You can create the perfect strategy for onboarding using Google’s new service, Attribution. Thanks to this innovation, you don’t need to analyze keywords for hours, given that the service can access Analytics and AdWords and will do that task for you.

Attribution is ideal for creating the perfect brand impression as well as for improving your sales.

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2.  Amplify your emails

Email might be an old digital marketing channel, but its effectiveness is still applauded by a lot of companies worldwide. With AI, email marketers can optimize their campaign with no risk and get help with subject lines, calls-to-action, and content. You can also optimize the send time for subscribers in a different time zone.

amplify-your-email | 5 Ways To Amplify Your B2B Marketing With Artificial Intelligence
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How can you apply this?

Look for email platforms or partners that have incorporated AI in their email marketing packages. As such, you will be sure your messages will not only arrive on time but, more importantly, receive the attention they need. With the use of AI, you can finally enjoy accurate and compelling predictive personalization.

3.  Amplify your social media marketing

Social media has proven to be an effective marketing tool and AI has made it even better. AI can help you interact with your customers regardless of the time of day and you can post content at designated periods for optimized marketing campaigns.

social-media icons | 5 Ways To Amplify Your B2B Marketing With Artificial Intelligence
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AI also takes out the guesswork involved in posting on social media regarding the time most users are expected to be online.

How can I use this?

You can revamp your social media presence and customer care experience by incorporating social media schedule optimization software. However, make sure that the software has AI. This will collect and analyze data in the background, which in turn, will help grow your business.  

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4.  Amplify your customer service

Machines that can hold a conversation with clients are gradually changing the customer service landscape for tons of companies. Even with the wealth of online information that is available to anybody, turning it into actionable marketing strategies can be both time consuming and a tedious exercise for humans.

customer-service | 5 Ways To Amplify Your B2B Marketing With Artificial Intelligence
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Machines, on the other hand, can access this information in record time, feed it back to the client, and leave them happy and well-informed with actionable information.

How can you use this?

Customer Service Bots, or Chatbots, are being employed by hundreds of businesses in a bid to improve their customer service. The Starbucks Barista Bot, for example, can order you a coffee. Facebook’s Messenger bot helps users with both technical and account troubles while providing information.

That said, ensure that your bot is fun and relevant to guarantee topnotch customer care.

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5.  Amplify your productivity

Machine learning and automation have alleviated the exhaustion that creeps on marketers after hours of data collection and analysis. As such, this innovation opens up time for planning, strategizing, and creativity. What’s more, thanks to its predictive nature, AI can help you make informed decisions to grow your business.

productivity | 5 Ways To Amplify Your B2B Marketing With Artificial Intelligence
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How can I use this?

The AI wave is sweeping across the entire globe, and soon it will be a vital tool for any business. Including this innovation in your next strategy will not only save you time but also increase your productivity. It is also easy to use and comes with tons of benefits for both you and your business. Content marketing, for instance, can leverage the use of AI with tools like Article Rewriter in Searchenginereports which helps you to rewrite content that can be repurposed. It does this by scanning and rearranging the grammar and syntax of your articles to help make them more unique. 

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Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Marketing

Though there are big expectations for AI to turn the marketing landscape around, a strategy is needed in its incorporation. This is particularly true given that most businesses already have marketing plans in place.

While it is true that AI can be used to deliver content that is more relevant to consumers and save both time and resources, its ability to tap into unexploited data is what makes AI the future for marketing and efficient customer service.

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