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9 Resources To Find Ideas For Shareable Content

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Creating an engaging and shareable content is considered to be one of the toughest daily tasks for marketers. No wonder. Coming up with a good idea can take a week. Internet users, instead, are checking for fresh and exciting content few times a day. You know, that the amount of likes and shares they give to your website are vital. But, if you are not able to give your customers the content they want, they leave.

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Still, there is no need worry of an impasse when you suddenly got a creativity block. There are some tricks to patch things up. You don’t need to produce the ideas for content all by yourself. Getting a bit of help was never forbidden. No matter whether you are a contributor to your own or somebody else’s resource or topic, we have listed the resources, which share tons of interesting information daily. Use them as a basis to create your top content.

1. Alltop

The resource’s name speaks for itself. It is set up to answer the question “What is happening?” in “all the topics,” as it is said on their official website. The news is selected by headlines and divided into distinct collections covering a vast variety of subjects.

alltop | 9 Resources Which Help Every Marketer To Find Ideas For Shareable Content

The search over the site differs from the web search engine, for Alltop’s search mostly answers global questions, instead of concentrating on details. Creating an account is free of charge, which is a great plus to all the benefits.

Link: http://alltop.com/

2. Smartbrief

The resource will be useful for people working in spheres of business, entrepreneurship, social media and leadership.

smartbrief| 9 Resources Which Help Every Marketer To Find Ideas For Shareable Content

The platform offers the most recent news in the covered areas, which can be shared via email newsletters, mobile application or through constant website monitoring – whichever you prefer. The benefit of the interface is its simplicity and user-friendliness.

Link: http://www.smartbrief.com/

3. Digg

Digg started as a platform for the community of internet users to share their favorite content. Step by step it evolved into a home for most viewed content from all over the web.

digg| 9 Resources Which Help Every Marketer To Find Ideas For Shareable Content

They speak of themselves as of the cutters through the clutters of the Internet, and thus providing their readers with a high-quality content only. Digg also has a web version, mobile applications for Android and IOS and e-mail newsletters to offer.

Link: http://digg.com/

4. Scoop.it

Scoop.it was created as a tool for seeking, curating and publishing the web content.

scoopit| 9 Resources Which Help Every Marketer To Find Ideas For Shareable Content

They help business and marketers to reduce content marketing in the materials they select for publishing, making them more pleasant for internet users and thus increasing the content ROI.

Link: http://www.scoop.it/

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5. Studentshare

StudentShare is originally the essays database for students to share their papers, discuss studying questions and exchange their expertise. When seeking for brand new ideas or another pair of eyes to have a look at contemporary issues, you can go to Q&A or free essays database’s sections.


Young people are usually quite active in sharing the information they have, along with the critical comments and heated discussions. So your website will prosper from the ideas and thoughts you will find there.

Link: https://studentshare.net/

6. Quibb

The mission of this resource is defined as to connect professionals and let them share materials they read for work.

quibb| 9 Resources Which Help Every Marketer To Find Ideas For Shareable Content

For registration, the platform has an application process with only 41% requests acceptance, as it is a place for a high-qualified professionals only. Once accepted, you may never have doubts about the quality of what you are reading.

Link: http://quibb.com/

7. The Latest

The Latest is designed to create an automated list of the top news shared on Twitter. The algorithm goes over the most interesting people on Twitter and through the stories they share to form out the list of top-10 news in the moment of a check up.

the-latest| 9 Resources Which Help Every Marketer To Find Ideas For Shareable Content

It saves a lot of time, as nobody nowadays can actually follow the flow of the information presented even on Twitter only. So, not to spend your whole day reading Twitter posts to find a good shareable content, you can freely use The Latest.

Link: http://latest.is/

8. Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach is a combination of tools, that is aimed to analyze the content on your website and provides you with detailed feedback. They consider the scientific approach to be the best recipe for success.

atomic-reach| 9 Resources Which Help Every Marketer To Find Ideas For Shareable Content

The provided report will define the strategy and form of the content, the frequency of publishing and the best platforms for it, and also provide you with a few pieces of advice how to resonate with your potential or current audience.

Link: https://www.atomicreach.com/

9. ContentGems

ContentGems is a tool that serves as a content engine for businesses, developers, and agencies, who are trying to provide a good suitable content for their websites. It is designed in a way to scan thousands of the most recent articles and best sources every day to provide you with the list of relevant and exciting content.

content-gems| 9 Resources Which Help Every Marketer To Find Ideas For Shareable Content

ContentGems gives the customer the opportunity to monitor a huge internal database of news and blogs, or customize search to their own collection of resources. The advanced filter settings offer the possibility to use keywording, social signals, categories, recommendations and many other options to select the best and appropriate content.

Link: https://contentgems.com/

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Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed our small list of resources, that can serve as a basis for a shareable content you will form out. Surely, those tools and websites will not ever replace the content you create by yourself, but they are useful as a powerful source of inspiration.

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Veronica Hunt
Veronica Hunt
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