The Top 15 Must Have Gadgets For Super Bowl Parties


With Super Bowl coming up this year, you’re probably thinking of having a few of the boys around. Whether you’re hosting a huge bash in your house or going to a friend’s, you’ll need some essential gadgets to help you get the most of the Super Bowl celebration. And of course to impress your friends.

Here is a list of 15 must-have gadgets for an awesome Super Bowl party:

1. The Grill Sergeant Apron (From $19.99)



If you’re thinking of serving your guests some grilled hamburgers, chicken, hotdogs, steaks and so much more, then the Grill Sergeant Apron is a must have for Super Bowl. This all-purpose apron can hold all your grilling essentials, making grilling more convenient and fun.

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2. Beer Froster Fridge (From: $844)



Every awesome Super Bowl party demands the provision of alcohol. To ensure the availability of cold beers for your friends, the Beer Froster Fridge is an essential gadget for any Super Bowl party. The beer at your party will likely be the coldest in town as the Froster Fridge is designed to keep your beer at a chilling 24 degrees without freezing.

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3. Philips HDP2510 Screeneo 2.0 (From $2,020)



Super Bowl at home just got better with the HD throw projector from Philips. It’s simple to set-up and includes Dolby Digital 2.1, built in loudspeakers and a sub-woofer. With the Philips Screeneo you’ll get full HD 1080p to a size of 50″ when only 4″ from the wall or screen. It’s ultra portable too, meaning if you’re not hosting the party, you can bring it along with you to really impress.

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4. Cuisinart Smartstick Immersion Blender (From: $34.95)


If you’re making dips for the Super Bowl party, you’ll need a good stick blender. The stainless steel immersion blenders by Cuisinart are excellent for dips, sauces, soups, mayonnaise and milkshakes. You can impress your guest with homemade dips using the Cuisinart Smartstick Immersion Blender.

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5. Vizio Sound Bar 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater (From:$249.99)



The Vizio Sound Bar 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater delivers high-quality sound so that you can listen to all the actions. Watching the game with poor quality sound systems can be frustrating, but with this gadget the game just got better. Not only does it have an attractive look, it’s ideal for HDTVs that are 40 inches or larger and has Google Cast built in for streaming from your Android devices. Your friends will no doubt be excited to watch the Super Bowl games in your house.

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6. Excalibur Electronics NFL Football Remote (From: $23)



The Excalibur Electronics NFL Football Remote is a great accessory for the Super Ball party. Your guests will certainly be envious of this football- shaped remote that allows you to control multiple electronics ranging from television, sound systems and a host of others.

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7. Soulo Karaoke (From: $19.97)



At the end of the game, just when everyone thinks the party is over you can set up the Soulo Karaoke to spice up the party. In the absence of a Rock Band set, use a Soulo system and download the iOS app. The pitch enhancement feature available on the wireless microphone auto-tunes your voice and if you wish you can create amusing effects to entertain your guests.

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8. Dual Wave Versatile Blender (From: $299.99)



For the ladies in the house who are not beer freaks, you can blend up the best margaritas with the Dual Wave Versatile Blender. To make it even better, you can blend two different flavors simultaneously.

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9. Beer Pager Remote Control Beer Locator (From: $19.95)



In the midst of all the Super Bowl fun, use Beer Pagers to keep track of your beer. These electronic drink holders keep your beer cold and help you find it when you can’t remember where you last kept it. It’s also portable and fun to use as each type of Beer Pager produces a unique, amusing sound. You can even get Larry The Cable Guy if you want.

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10. Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven (From: $33.29)



The Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven keeps all your yummy finger foods warm.   This electric pizza oven does not need preheating, so cooking is faster, allowing you more time to watch the game. It’s also user-friendly.

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11. Unger Arm Extender (From: $29.77)



The arm extender makes snacking more convenient. While watching the game, you might want to get a hold of those crunchy nachos or Doritos on the other end of the table. Too lazy to stand up?  Well, the arm extender enables you to grab those chips without distracting others.

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12. Cuisinart Griddler (From: $99.95)


This amazing gadget has 5 separate cooking options, allowing you to grill burgers, cook bacon and make Paninis among others. With the Cuisinart Griddler, you can do your grilling in your kitchen, and it can cook at different temperatures all at once. The cooking consistency and versatility of this indoor electric grill guarantees that your guests are provided with stellar and delicious meals right on time.

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13. Clicker Universal Remote With Bottle Opener (From: €16.52)


The Clicker universal remote and bottle opener is an essential item for your Super Bowl party. Plan to get one of these so you don’t miss out on the game while searching for a bottle opener. This well-constructed gadget can control up to eight devices, and it works with different cable and satellite providers. Your friends will no doubt be impressed with the versatility of the remote, while not having to miss a minute of the game.

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14. Football Cocktail Shaker (From: $29.99)


In the spirit of football season, get a Football Cocktail Shaker and mix some of your favorite drinks to the delight of your guests. It’s made from stainless steel, and it’s also durable and simple to use. Shake up some fun and get the party started with some lovely cocktails.

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15. Roomba Robot Vacuum (From: $374.99)


By the time the Super Bowl party is over, your friends will stagger home, and you’ll be left with a huge mess. Too tired to do some cleaning? The Roomba vacuum cleaner is the perfect remedy for your cleaning troubles. It even comes with it’s own app for your phone, so you can clean your home while you’re on the go. This gadget is ideal for hardwood floors and carpets while reaching those hard to get places. With a multitude of sensors, automatic scheduling, and self-charging you can go to sleep and be sure to wake up the next morning to a bright home. It is the ultimate gadget for Super Bowl party.

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